Saint James' Way is both a superb cultural route and a once in a lifetime emotional experience. This is exactly what this book intends to encapsulate within its pages, with the assistance of words and images.  More than four hundred and fifty photos convey the monumental and geographical landscape, folkloric traditions, and the most emblematic landmarks. Made with the highest standard of technical quality and the greatest respect for the environment.

Joaquín Alegre Alonso

205 X 270 mm | 192 páginas | rústica cosida
PVP: 20,00 €

ISBN: 978-84-941432-4-3



Centuries of pilgrimage have seen the accumulation of one of the largest monumental world heritages, enormous cultural exchanges, and admirable examples of cohabitation, hospitality and mutual understanding.

Capturing at least the most essential of this vast cultural tradition is the challenging goal of this book.

Carefully informed texts recount the route to Santiago, without forgetting the traditions, anecdotes, and characters that populate it, as well as including indispensable detours. The main buildings and their artistic treasures have deserved particular attention.

More than four hundred and fifty photographs taken in the last few years make this book the most coherent and updated photo report currently in the market.


A peregrine impulse, The Gate to Jacetania, Canal de Berdún, From Sangüesa to Valdizarbe, From the mountains to the valleys, From bridge to bridge..., The shadow of Montejurra, From Viana to Nájera, six Kings, Holy bridge makers, Boundary stone of Castile, From prehistory to the capital of art, Moors, riverbanks and a canal, Romanesque, Gothic and Plateresque, Mudejars, Mozarabs and Sephardis, Towns of adobe, The forgotten kingdom, El Páramo, a shepherd and a braggart, Asturs and Romans, El Bierzo, An enclosed valley, Down Rañadoiro, Father Miño, Forested paths, Ultreia, ultreia!